Category : 作品

Work name:Tan-kuromidou rounagasimizusasi 「The sea of night sky and A wood of stars」
Material: Black copper Silver
Approximate Size: φ220×h170(mm)
Approximate Weight: 1200g

「Cloud waves rise in the sea of heaven.
The moon is a boat that rows till it hides in a wood of stars.」
I created it based on the poem by Kakimoto Hitomaro, which is included in the Manyoshu, the oldest existing collection of poems in Japan.

I create art pieces and lifestyle crafts using the traditional Japanese technique of metalworking, known as “METAL HAMMERING.”

The METAL HAMMERING technique involves shaping metal through processes such as “hammering,” “stretching,” “compressing,” and “joining” using a metal hammer. Afterward, various “coloring” processes are applied to complete the artwork.

Although metals are generally perceived as rigid, they are actually moderately soft and possess a certain degree of flexibility. Leveraging this flexibility to the fullest extent is a distinctive feature of METAL HAMMERING.